[Hot]long Straight Hair Front Lace 2T Colors Wig-Gradient Color

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Product description:

  • Product material: High Quality Natural Hair, 180 degrees.
  • Mesh cap structure: medium brown mesh cap, 3 * 13 inch front lace. breathable stretch net wrapped behind.
  • The benefits of stretch mesh net cap: Great elasticity and good breathability, stretch mesh wrapped behind, not easy to wear out hair, but the design of adjusting the size of the mesh cap makes it almost suitable for people's head size,can be worn, and has better breathability.
  • Product weight: 280-400g after packaging.
  • Hair color: As shown
  • Factory direct sales, quality assurance.

🤩 Hair Care Instructions 🤩

  1. Before Washing hair, brush out all tangles starting from the bottom and work up to the weft.
  2. For Curly Hair: Do not brush. Finger Comb to remove all tangles.
  3. Fill the sink or a large container with lukewarm water and add synthetic wig shampoo.
  4. Swish the wig in shampoo water and wash gently.
  5. Apply wig conditioner: allow the fiber to absorb the conditioner for a couple of minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  6. Gently squeeze excess water out of wig. Do Not Rub or Twist the wig.
  7. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  8. Place the wig on a wig stand and let air dry.

🤩 How To Care The Hair Products? 🤩

  1. please make sure wash the hair 3~4 days one time.
  2. after you clean the hair, pleas use some hair conditioner. it can prolong the hair life very well.
  3. please restyle or DIY and bleach as few as possible. because it is harm to the hair.
  4. if you buy water wave,deep wave or loose wave, it is very useful to keep the hair beautiful if you spray some water on the hair(it is much better to add some soft oil or hair conditioner in the bottom).

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